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Well Done to Shelly and Marie!

For this month’s blog post, we would like to give a massive shout out to Shelly and Marie for their fantastic act of courage and prompt action when assisting with a service user in a difficult situation.

Shelly and Marie were both on hand to perform CPR to one our service users, and helped alleviate a situation which could have had serious consequences.

One of the family members of the service user stated:
“Their prompt action prevented a much more serious outcome and my mum later recovered and was able to return home. I am so grateful to both members of staff – and they dealt with my mum with such kindness and compassion. I will be forever grateful.”

Following this incredible act of service, we invited both Shelly and Marie to our head office, where they received an incredible amount of praise and a lovely bunch of flowers each – take a look at the picture below of our wonderful staff members and Operations Director, Jack Gardiner.