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Well Done to Shelly and Marie!

For this month’s blog post, we would like to give a massive shout out to Shelly and Marie for their fantastic act of courage and prompt action when assisting with a service user in a difficult situation.

Shelly and Marie were both on hand to perform CPR to one our service users, and helped alleviate a situation which could have had serious consequences.

One of the family members of the service user stated:
“Their prompt action prevented a much more serious outcome and my mum later recovered and was able to return home. I am so grateful to both members of staff – and they dealt with my mum with such kindness and compassion. I will be forever grateful.”

Following this incredible act of service, we invited both Shelly and Marie to our head office, where they received an incredible amount of praise and a lovely bunch of flowers each – take a look at the picture below of our wonderful staff members and Operations Director, Jack Gardiner.

This is just one of many of outstanding acts of service that our carers provide, and we congratulate both Shelley and Marie for their fantastic hard work.

If you would also like to help our service users the way that Shelly and Marie have done in this fabulous story, apply now for one of our care assistant roles and start your care journey with us today!

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