The right staff are crucial to our success

We are a professional and flexible organisation, committed to our service users. Working with MCJA is an opportunity to be part of a dynamic and active team in your local community, helping to improve the lives of many in the community.

Looking for a new role?

MCJA is a forward-looking care organisation, whose every focus is the welfare and well-being of our service users. Working for MCJA means that you are part of a team that has been providing care and support for over 23 years in Merseyside. We value our teams and for this reason, we provide an excellent level of training and career support.

What skills do you need?

The key qualities we look for when recruiting our care staff are that you are a nice, caring and considerate person. We do not require qualifications or previous experience, as full training is provided. All employees are subject to a DBS check.

What are our values?

Our CARE values are fundamental to the work we do, and our staff are expected to demonstrate these:

Care | Achieve | Respect Encourage

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I think that when I leave MCJA, it will only be when I need a carer myself…

“My name is Lavern. In 1990 I started work in a residential care home. My experiences stemmed from common sense, as I had no training and was not obliged to have any. I was sort of thrown in at the deep end. Then I left the care home and was employed in 1997 by Merseycare Julie Ann Ltd.

I was given training and experience in all fields necessary to work in the community. I really enjoy this work; meeting people in this way, assisting them to feel comfortable and valued in their own home. Each individual adult has different personal needs and you establish a relationship and an understanding just through being there with them.

Management at Merseycare Julie Ann make it easy for you to stay too; being there when you need them. If I have a problem, or disagreement, or need a better understanding of anything, I can pick up the phone and speak to management at any time.

I think that when I leave MCJA, it will only be when I need a carer myself.”


Lavern H

I hear others complaining about their job and I think “I’m so lucky to have my job – they should come and work in homecare”

“My name is Karen, I started in homecare over 20 years ago. The girl who lived below me was training to be a nurse and she worked as a carer in the evening. She really loved her job and introduced me to homecare.

I went for an interview and started working for a company based in Edge Lane, until the company closed down. I really wanted to continue working in homecare, so I started working for a company which also closed down and I was then transferred to Merseycare Julie Ann in 2006.

I love doing the job. I love the people. I love making a difference to their lives. I like listening to their lives, their history; where they have come from. I get to meet all kinds of people; lawyers, artists. My service users fascinate me – I really do enjoy their company. Most of them are so funny and entertaining that I spend my shift laughing. I go home every night laughing to myself at stories I have heard, or what people have said. I look after some of the most fabulous people.

I stay with MCJA because I always have backup; I really wouldn’t work anywhere else! If I have a worry about my service users, or if I need anything, or if I have a problem, the whole team – right from the bottom to the top of the office – I know I can go to any one of them. I receive support from my bosses at all times. It’s true, I love my job, I say it all the time.

I have been offered job opportunities in the office, but turned them down because I love being out with my clients. I love their company. I hear others complaining about their job and I think “I’m so lucky to have my job – they should come and work in homecare!”


Karen W

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