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Here at Merseycare Julie Ann, we take pride in providing the best possible home care and services that we can, which is why we are always receiving compliments with both client and staff testimonials. It is our job to ensure that whilst our service users left extremely happy with our services, our staff also take pride in the fantastic home care they provide.

Client testimonials

Over the Christmas period, we sent out our annual feedback forms to all of our service users. They rated the home care that we provide, and gave feedback that is important to them. This ultimately allows us to improve our services even further. We received an influx of positive feedback all about our services and how we are supporting our customers the most.

For example, we were told multiple times about how ‘fantastic’ and ‘brilliant are carers and co-coordinators are – and we agree! It is our job to ensure that we are promoting dignity, independence, and respect to individuals in their own homes. We know that accepting care in your own home may be a big step to take for some, but by accepting home care from our incredible team, we will support you through good times and bad times to ensure that you are treated with the exceptional care that you deserve.

We were also told multiple times how nice, considerate and respectful are staff members are when providing home care. This feedback indicates how incredible our team is at showing the upmost respect and empathy in their services. For example, one of the services that we provide here at MCJA is personal care. This can be extremely difficult for some individuals to accept, and can often be quite daunting when somebody else is providing personal care. That’s why here at MCJA, we aim to provide dignity and provide excellent 4-day training courses to ensure our staff know how to provide personal care in a dignifying and respectful way. To learn more about the services that we provide, click here.

Staff testimonials

Whilst we launched our annual customer feedback survey back in December, but we also sent out a staff well-being survey to all of our staff members. This included questions regarding training provided, how valued/supported they feel within the business, how they would rate their work-life balance, communication styles between management and staff, and so forth.  Following this survey, we also received an influx of positive feedback, highlighting the benefits of working for MCJA.

One thing that was highlighted throughout our staff well-being survey is the excellent 4-day training course. We enrol all of our staff members on when they first start with MCJA, to ensure they are trained to provide the best possible home care. 97.1% of our staff members who responded to our survey believe they received adequate training for their job role, and 94.3% believe their training needs are being met under the current system.  These figures indicate that we are providing excellent induction training courses when they are first employed with us, and this is upheld with regular refresher training courses throughout the year. Our induction training courses are held 3/4 weeks of every month, with our refresher training courses held every other week. Click here to view what a day on the induction training course looks like with our sister company, Homecarers Liverpool.

Moreover, staff have also highlighted the importance of their relationship with their line manager/co-ordinator. Several of our staff members stated they have a “brilliant relationship”, are “supported”, “satisfied” and that the co-ordinators are “so understanding and helpful” and “has helped me massively in improving my knowledge”.  It is extremely important here at MCJA that not only do we provide the best home care in Liverpool, but that we also support our staff constantly.

These statements explain that we are an excellent company to work for and pride ourselves in exceptional staff well-being. Not only is our goal to uphold high levels of communication and understanding between staff and management, but we also actively encourage career progression. Besides our in-depth training courses, we also offer a number of qualifications ranging from NVQs to apprenticeships. So, if you are a current staff member looking to gain some extra qualifications, or a candidate looking to kickstart your career in home care, call us today on 0151 726 8060. For more information on how to get in contact, visit our ‘Contact us’ page here.

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