Happy 105th Birthday Barbara!

Happy 105th Birthday Barbara

We want to say a BIG Happy Birthday to Barbara on her 105th birthday! Barbara is just one of our incredible service users who have made it to 100+, and we want to celebrate Barbara and the incredible life that she has lived.

Barbara turned 105 on the 15th of March, so we thought we would take ourselves down with Carer of the Year, Mary Prentice, to wish her a very happy birthday from us here at MCJA (with cake of course!). She even received a very special birthday card from no other than Charles and Camilla on her 105th birthday!

Birthday card from Charles and Camilla

We spent a few hours with Barbara and talked to her about the amazing life that she has lived. She told us all about her childhood, her amazing career and love life with her late husband. We were incredibly infatuated with Barbara and her amazing story. It was an absolute pleasure to spend Barbara’s special day with her.

So what is Barbara’s amazing life story?

We asked Barbara all about her incredible life and how she has made it to her age looking as fantastic as she is, and here is what she had to say:

“I was born on March 15th 1919 in Newcastle-on-Tyne, where my father was an Anglican Clergyman. Soon we moved to Liverpool and I had a very happy childhood. I went to Huyton College and made many friends. We moved onto Goldborne (Lancs) and when war was looming I joined the Fire Service. I got married soon after. My husband was in the army serving in the Hospital Field Ambulances, and only had 2 leaves until war ended. I lived with my parents and my twin girls who were born in 1943. When my husband was demobed, he came home and met his daughters for the first time! They were 2 1/5 years old.

We returned to Liverpool, with my husband returning to his dentistry practice with children. We had a lovely house in Aigburth and on their retirement my parents came and lived with us, soon followed by my husband’s parents so we had a full house with 4 adults over the age of 80 years of age.

Sadly my husband died when I was only 44 years old so I had to adjust my life. I now live alone in the same area.

When I had to have knee replacements at the age of 90 & 91, the hospital suggested that I had to have a carer, they put me in touch with Merseycare Julie Ann and I had a morning call to help get up and dress, and have breakfast, later adding a second call at Teatime. This is so that today, I can live in my own home and my family do not worry. I’m rather deaf and have had eye ops but I can still read, this is my passion.

So with visits from carers I have company and care.

I am often asked how do I account for my long life, I reply “moderation in all things” and carers who really care, so long live Merseycare Julie Ann”.

How have our services helped Barbara?

We think this is a fantastic age to reach and we hope we are looking as amazing as Barbara is today at her age – we would also like to say a massive well done to Mary for providing her incredible support at this stage in her life, and assisting her with her independence, even at the incredible age of 105.

Mary provides excellent service day-in, day-out to not only Barbara, but also provided exceptional service to many of our service users in their day-to-day life. This has allowed many of our service users to maintain their independence and stay in the comfort of their own home for as long as possible.

For more information on the fantastic services that Mary and our other fabulous carers provide, please click here.

We hope you had a fantastic birthday Barbara!


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